About us

Industrial Synergy Center at Palestine Polytechnic University:


The Industrial Synergy Center at Palestine Polytechnic University is the leading institution in promoting integration between academia and the industry in Palestine. Established in 2007, our center is committed to fostering strong partnerships between the academic and industrial sectors. Our vision is to achieve sustainable development through genuine collaboration with the industrial sector. Our mission is to serve as the primary communication channel between industrial sectors in Palestine and the university, fostering mutual cooperation that serves the academic, research, and administrative interests of the university. Additionally, we aim to establish a body within the university that sets standards, specifications, and quality control measures for the Palestinian industry across all sectors. We also strive to solve engineering, managerial, and technical challenges of the industrial sectors using a robust scientific approach that meets the aspirations of the industrial sector.


For the industry, our center focuses on:


  • Enhancing the technical skills of industry workers.
  • Developing and improving resources, machinery, and products.
  • Utilizing research findings to enhance work processes and production.
  • Leveraging the expertise of professors and researchers to solve problems and drive production development.
  • Utilizing research facilities and testing centers.
  • Facilitating technology transfer.


For the university, our center aims to:


  • Provide students with scientific and practical skills.
  • Facilitate graduate employment opportunities.
  • Engage faculty members as expert consultants.
  • Establish specialized research centers and testing facilities.
  • Secure funding for research and development.
  • The Industrial Synergy Center has established collaborations and partnerships with organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the General Union of Industries, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hebron.


Our center is led by Eng. Jalal Salaymeh as the Center Director and Eng. Obada Qawasmi as the Center Activities Coordinator.


Our future goals include contributing to the development of the industry and addressing its challenges, activating the role of scientific research in industry advancement, implementing educational and training programs in work settings (including field training and dual programs), and aligning education programs with the needs of the job market.