Electrical/PV Installation Tester

MI 3108 EurotestPV
MI 3108 EurotestPV is a combined photovoltaic tester and electrical installations safety tester. It enables complete testing of the electrical installation according to EN 61557 standards and in addition performs all necessary tests required on single-phase photovoltaic (PV) installations. This includes I-V characteristic, calculation of STC valves as required by EN 61829 and power measurements on inverters DC and AC sides. The unit is designed for the demanding working conditions (up to 1000 V, with 15 A DC). To greatly improve user safety the MI 3108 EurotestPV omes with the PV safety probe which ensures safe disconnection every time.
Measuring Function
Photovoltaic Installation:
  • Measurements on DC side of PV installation (Voltage, Current, Power).
  • Measurements on AC side of PV installation (Voltage, Current, Power).
  • Open circuit voltage and short circuit current.
  • I-V curve of PV modules and strings.
  • Irradiance.
  • Module temperature.
  • Efficiency of PV module, inverter, PV system calculation.

Electrical Installation:

  • Insulation resistance.
  • Continuity of PE conductors.
  • Line impedance.
  • Loop impedance.
  • RCD testing.
  • Earth resistance.
  • TRMS voltage, frequency, phase sequence.
  • Power, energy, harmonics.