Solar Cell Tester

Palestine Polytechnic University has established a special unit to test the efficiency of solar cells (Flash Test Machine) and the extent to which they conform to the attached standard specifications. 
Flash Test Machine 
Solar Panels Tester is used on testing and measuring the electric parameters of solar panels (Silicon & Film), solar panel flash test machine uses a xenon lamp to simulate sunlight, then measuring the electric parameters when the solar panels are irradiated.
Solar panels parameters are measured at standard test conditions (STC), with a solar simulator, the result will be indicated as a curve on the monitor and listed as a table on the monitor, all these parameters can be saved in a database and exported or printed.
Parameters that can be Measured  

  • Short-Circuit Current: Isc
  • Open-Circuit Voltage: Voc
  • Maximum Power: Pm
  • Maximum Power Point Voltage: Vm
  • Maximum Power Current: Im
  • Filling Factor: FF
  • Battery Efficiency: EFF
  • Temperature: Temp
  • Series Resistor: Rs
  • shunt Resistor: Rsh
  • I-V characteristic curve.